Redesigning the Metagreen brand with a clean, professional look. Prioritizing conciseness and clarity, with the ability to be educational and informative. Style utilizes a blueprint-look for the product, and molecular model of THC to stress the product's purpose in extracting plant-based compounds. Orderly composition and design serves to firmly divide the brand from that of recreational cannabis.



My entry for Mojob's graphic design competition. The goal of the competition was to help the Norwegian job-searching company rebrand their app and website. Entry requirements consisted of 1) their logo, 2) a new color theme, 3) a background design, and 4) a new job-listing page.



Designed the catalog pages for Taiwanese company Aidare. Layouts highlight assets while combining text descriptions and their representative item through a complementary organization. Digital color editing unites the photos in a strong, cohesive presentation, utilizing the vibrant colors and composition framing to direct the viewers' eyes to the desired focus.


NYU: ACE 31/32 Fashion Show

Designing Marketing and PR assets, including poster, business cards, Facebook advertisement, and press kits. Utilized available photos taken during photoshoots, as well as self-created vectors and illustrations.


NYU: TASS Night Market

Graphic Designer for the NYU Taiwanese American Student Society 2014 Night Market. Took numerous photos at Taiwan's Shiling night market. Photos then used to create title for our press kit (top left), a matching profile picture and cover photo (as was the trend at the time), and flyer (to the far right).